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Peg Warren, PhD, Transition Coach 1-503-249-7651
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Know where you are bound, how you are bound, for your success to know no bounds.


“I was delighted at the ease with which it felt like I was able to take some pretty significant and previously daunting steps. I got far more out of my work with Peg than I could have even hoped!”

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Where are you bound? That can mean “Where are you headed?” “What are your goals?” “What do you want to achieve in your life?”

It can also mean “What’s holding you back?” “What’s tying you down?” “What’s limiting your progress towards those goals?”

At Know Bounds, I work with you to resolve both ends of that equation! My name is Peg Warren, and I am a transition coach in Beaverton, Oregon, just outside of  Portland.  I serve clients nationally and internationally. Getting to know and understand people and helping them to thrive is my passion.

I specialize in working with people who are contemplating or experiencing transitions, such as relationship changes, job changes, relocation, lifestyle changes, or recovery from addiction.  Recovery itself is a transition and often people experience even more changes in their lives as a result of embarking on a path of being clean and sober.

Whether you have reached a plateau and want to take things to the next level or you are at a crossroads, I work to set you up for success.  Everyone has a different concept of what constitutes a successful life. For some it may be getting a degree, a promotion, or a different job or career.  For others, it may be creating meaningful relationships or repairing existing relationships. Every life is different. I am here to help you discover your own personal definition of success,  find a path to achieving it, and take the necessary steps on that path.

With a PhD in psychology and over 20 years experience helping both men and women, I provide powerful and provocative questions, clarifying conversations and support to help you focus on the important things in your life and find the energy and drive to create the life you want.

Feel free to call me if you are interested in working with me to reach your goals.


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