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Free Telephone Consultation

As a first step, I offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your situation and the services I provide. This will enable us to determine if an initial coaching session with me would be a good next step. Click here to schedule a free consultation.

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My name is Peg Warren, and I am a transition coach. I enjoy working with others to help them define and achieve their goals when they are facing transitions. It is deeply fulfilling for me to get to know and understand people while helping them to discover, appreciate, and celebrate themselves as they pursue their goals.

Personally speaking…  I grew up in different states, cultures, and socioeconomic classes.  Throughout, I experienced incredibly wonderful things as well as significant challenges and hardships that have shaped the person I am today.  I am the mother of a bright, wonderful young adult who helps me to know my capacities and limits as a parent and a person. He is a constant reminder that life is a learning process. I try to embrace progress rather than perfection and I tend to achieve contentment when I do that. My life is most fulfilling when I succeed in aligning my behaviors with my values.  I hope to continue to grow and learn, professionally and personally, throughout my life.  So far I have found myself involved in everything from kung fu to playing the guitar to ballroom dancing. Plus, I love to travel.  In the past few years I’ve traveled to Wyoming, Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Greece, Turkey, and Peru.  Through all of my experiences, I bring a spirit of tolerance, diversity and balance to all of my clients.

Professionally speaking…  My extensive experience working with both men and women towards change and positive development has given me some profound insights into the human condition. Previously as a mental health therapist, my specialized fields have included anxiety, depression, crisis counseling, and healing from childhood abuse. In private practice and community mental health, I’ve done therapy with people in recovery from addictions facing various mental health challenges.  I also have experience conducting stress management, burnout prevention, mindfulness meditation, parenting, and wellness workshops and groups, both in my own wellness center and with non-profit businesses. I have conducted women’s self esteem groups, interpersonal effectiveness groups, emotion management groups, and abuse survivor groups. My own research has included studies on anxiety and childhood abuse, and their results on adult women. As a trained community organizer and public speaker, I’ve also worked with churches, unions, and education advocacy groups to effect positive change.

These diverse activities have given me a well-honed professional skill set which enables me to rapidly get to what is important – to quickly understand the whole person in his or her complexity as well as the systems in which the person operates. And most importantly, I possess a wide and deep knowledge base, and a range of tools to address such things as problem-solving, communication, action planning, prioritizing, life/work balance, relationship issues, meditation, relaxation, conflict management, transitions, and stress management.

My many years of education, training, and experience in working with people have given me a depth of knowledge and an exposure to a broad and deep variety of skills that I now bring to bear on my practice as a transition coach. My credentials include:

  • PhD in Clinical Psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).
  • BSFS (Bachelor of Science in the Foreign Service) from Georgetown University
  • Validated as a Whole Person Certified Coach (WPCC) by Baraka Institute/Coach Training World.
  • Member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF Global).
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