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Peg Warren, PhD, Transition Coach 1-503-249-7651


“I kicked off my coaching sessions with Peg with a desire for some momentum to make a major career change, specifically taking the step to go to graduate school. Coaching was helpful because of the accountability factor of speaking my hopes/dreams/plans to a supportive witness. The coaching conversations helped me gain conviction around what I want, break down next steps, identify (and therefore be able to summon) the necessary resources to take said steps, and honor/celebrate success/movement. The whole process was very comfortable, due to Peg’s attentive-but-not-authoritative demeanor. The experience felt very positive and engaging throughout, and I was delighted at the ease with which it felt like I was able to take some pretty significant and previously daunting steps. Coaching fulfilled the absolute perfect function in my life at that point in time and I got far more out of my work with Peg than I could have even hoped!”


“Peg has a wonderful, down-to-earth quality which makes it easy to build trust and rapport. She has the capability of intuiting things about a client and is able to share that information in a gentle, easy-to-process manner. As a client, when faced with a challenging road block, Peg’s expertise in utilizing various coaching techniques helped me move through a session with greater ease and understanding. Her sense of timing allowed me to relax into the session and stay on course in order to achieve my goals. Her calm, supportive approach created a safe environment in which I felt I could face the obstacles that were keeping me stuck and discover ways to move beyond them towards success!”

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“When I started coaching with Peg, I was very scattered on my goals, had many to choose from, as I usually do, but nothing that led me to progress. She helped me move along at a pace that was helpful for me and not stressful. She is very good at asking me where I am at in the process and how it’s working leading us to refine our sessions and provide forward movement towards my dreams. Our sessions are instrumental in putting together my business, while staying true to my talents and skills. Peg has a wonderful sense of who you are and it helps make the coaching sessions we have together more productive and relevant to my goals. Peg makes you feel like you’re safe and can be open to whatever may come up for you during the sessions. She will challenge you, yet you never feel threatened and forced. It’s a very lovely process from start to finish and I look forward to more coaching sessions. I highly recommend Peg as your Coach, she will be a great asset to your life goals.”

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